So with St. Patty’s Day right around the corner I thought I better get my booty working on a new wreath so that all of our neighbors and guests knew which holiday is approaching next.  We thought through all of the “traditional” wreath making supplies i.e., ribbon, fabric, St. Patty’s themed merchandise to smatter it with, but they all seemed so boring.

Crazy Person Project items splayed out for easy viewing.

We need something spunky, it’s a parTAE holiday after all!  There’s pretty much a parTAE in my brain all day everyday so I like to do fun things like, oh say, save EVERYTHING under the sun that has potential artistic value and saving items from becoming a space consuming, non-decomposing burden on the landfill.  All lids, plastics, sushi grass, random light bulb butts, gerbera daisy stem protectors, everything I tell ya gets chucked into the tubs labeled “Crazy Person Project”.  I sorted all of the tubs into like categories and pulled out all green, orange,  and gold items.

Wrapping the wreath.

Chris drilled holes into most objects so I could easily wire them together and secure them into the wreath.  The two things we purchased for the project were a styrofoam wreath and a skein of super sparkley fun time yarn.  I wrapped the wreath with the yarn so the stryofoam does not show.

I cut up an egg carton into flower type shapes and painted and varnished them to protect them from the elements.  I wired several layers of caps and lids and buttons together to make flower type things.  Chris poured out some styrofoam petals for me.  I made flowers out of upcycled corduroy and plastic bags.

Green St. Patty's Day Wreath

With a nice variety of textures, shapes, and sizes I poked the flowers in until the front was dense leaving the interior and exterior rings bare with just the yarn exposed.  I grabbed an upcycled silk tie from the sewing studio and viola, a Green St. Patty’s Day Wreath is born!

Happy, festive St. Patty’s Day to one and all!  Be safe out there, kids!

–Team Blankinax